A strategic and
innovative partner

The R&D department is a strategic partner for most of our customers.

Alongside engineers and designers, our technicians can create complex projects, offering alternative and innovative solutions, where technologies of composite materials can offer tangible and unforeseen benefits.

Our technical know-how and design creativity enables us to discover new solutions to assist clients in developing innovative applications.

Fibercompositi also ensures compliance with the strictest quality standards according to current ISO9001 regulations.  Materials are chosen and rigorously selected according to various requirements, and every parameter is constantly checked throughout the production cycle.

The world is full of new ideas, however, there are few who are able to transform them into successful projects.

As a result of consolidated know-how over the years, we have implemented our production capacity and, in fact, have become a recognized company worldwide.

We are able to meet the most complex and diverse requirements in all fields of application by using innovative technologies.

The polymerised plates in autoclave, which are obtained through exclusive production processes, enable us to make high-quality products completely in line with design standards.

From the choice of materials to defining the impregnation phase, from defining the features of the plate to designing processes in autoclave: everything is studied to build the best product requested.