high tech production: impregnation and lamination

Our production ability has constantly evolved and the company’s know-how is now recognised internationally as a result of using different useful technologies to find solutions in different sectors.
The production of autoclave polymerized plates, with exclusive production processes benefited from long experience, enable high-quality products having constant and perfectly calibrated technical features according to their use.
From selecting the materials to the impregnation phase, to defining the characteristics of the various layers of the plate, to defining the processing features in an autoclave: everything contributes to creating a product that complies with requirements.

Using Resin Transfer Moulding creates perfectly aesthetic pieces that have interesting mechanical features as a result of using high-performance polymerized composites that are reinforced in the mould with fibres or metal inserts.
Moreover, low-pressure injection technology makes it possible to use affordable moulds.
Pultrusion (for the unidirectional fibres) or pull-winding technology (for fibres wound around the circumference) is used to create constant-section profiles, depending on the mechanical features required to manufacture the article.
Knowing how the finished product will be applied, helps us to immediately identify the most suitable production process. Production technology is never the same: it can always be adjusted to specific requirements.