Solutions for every sector

With our skill and know-how, we meet all challenges dictated by quality.

We manufacture and process high level materials (carbon, kevlar, PTFE , Teflon, cotton, polyester) and resin (epoxy, phenolic, thermoplastic materials) that are suitable for various fields of application.

We use the most innovative technologies to create resistant, light and also flexible products, if required, that are able to solve any type of mechanical stress.

We ensure that all products strictly comply with job order specifications through quality controls carried out according to the strictest standards.

We never have the right solution for everybody. We strive to always make the best product for each individual client.


The textile machinery sector is the pride and joy of our production. Each product is fruit of passion and experience that is applied daily to every need, thus guaranteeing high quality and performance

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Use of composite fibres today has become an essential detail to keep in line with new technologies applied to improve medical services



Technology of materials takes on an important role when it is combined with in-depth study of shape and design, being applied to functional furnishing having fine aesthetic value



Protection, performance, safety and quality of materials that enable any sportsman to experience the best. Fibercompositi is all this